Sunday, May 31, 2015

Back again!!

So, i have finally found myself... Me... The me that is me and that is forever... The me that is interconnected and woven with all of you, my sweet readers and fans.

i have also found that i have an interesting life. i am a servant and being in service to mankind makes me so happy. i find that it is a lot easier to help others when i am feeling good and looking good. i am more confident in myself and understand what i truly want.

i am so glad that my Papa Bear just lets me be me. He allows me to experience new things and truly submit to His will. His confidence in Himself has also increased and so He is understanding how good it feels to be selfish with your desires in life. That is right! Selfish! Be selfish and make sure you are creating the life you want to have.

In my perfect life, i am a slave to many people, with Papa Bear being my only Owner. i would be controlled in each moment of each day... Except for a time at night where i can discuss how things went with Papa Bear so He could continue to create the full experience that He wants with our lives...

Mmmmm... Feels good to write again... Have been growing a lot, so hopefully, you all enjoy the true me... Now that she is out, i refuse to let her be pushed back down!!