Our Contract - 12/2015

This contract explores the Master/slave dynamic within our marriage. Herein are rules, experiences, and definitions that help explain this dynamic in hopes that others reading it will understand this relationship. This document is as fluid and ever-changing as the two individuals that exist within these pages and may be adjusted at anytime to add others who determine that this dynamic will work with what they are looking for. The one thing that is not changing is that slave foxy, being of sound mind and body, gave her life, her heart, her soul, her body, and her will to Papa Bear and will honor, obey, and respect his wishes always.

* See Papa Bear Definitions
^ See Working Contracts for Current Secondary Relationships

  1. Communication
    1. slave foxy will talk to Papa Bear about her day and share her daily experiences with him.
      1. slave foxy will remind Papa Bear of the connection* this brings in order to maintain happiness.
      2. If Papa Bear says not right now, then slave foxy will not take it personally and she will not assume issues automatically include her.
    2. Experiences
      1. Once an experience has been discussed, slave foxy should not talk about it again unless Papa Bear brings it up and wants more discussion.
      2. If there is something that she finds out she likes, she can ask him for it
        1. she will not bring up who she tried it with before if she has tried it with someone else.
        2. Give a buffer of 3-5 days if a discovery occurs during a date or other play day event
    3. Each night, before bed, the main experiences for the day will be discussed and any lecturing on slips will occur
      1. slave foxy will kneel in front of Papa Bear for this discussion
      2. this is a safe zone time and all things can be discussed without fear of punishment.
      3. all punishments for the day will be given immediately after the discussion and lecturing occurs
    4. Orders
      1. When the order to stop has been given, it will be followed immediately.
      2. When Papa Bear gives an order, slave foxy can ask one question to clarify. If the same direction is provided, it will be followed without additional questions.
      3. slave foxy will follow any assistance that Papa Bear provides in orders given to achieve her personal goals
  2. Demeanor
    1. slave foxy’s behavior is a reflection of Papa Bear. she must behave in a manner that is pleasing to him at all times.
    2. Be happy with a smile at all times
      1. slave foxy should share all of her feelings with Papa Bear, but should remember that Papa Bear is the one that makes her happiest
      2. Attitude* will always warrant a punishment
    3. slave foxy will enjoy work and only take days off when directed by Papa Bear.
      1. If she feels sick, she must notify Papa Bear. She will not assume that she will stay home just because she feels unwell. Her time belongs to Papa Bear.
    4. Be patient with Papa Bear
      1. He is growing into the role he would like to have as Master of slave foxy.
    5. Answer questions right away even if it makes slave foxy uncomfortable.
    6. Be sexually clingy and crave Papa Bear’s cock at all times
      1. She must be ready for sexual activities at all times.
      2. When having sex, she must choose a favorite position unless one has been chosen for her.
      3. When providing a blow job, she must choose a favorite position unless one has been chosen for her.
      4. assume blatant sexual connotation in every activity with Papa Bear
    7. Know that Papa Bear is extremely uncomfortable with possibly overdoing something or pushing too far or using a part of slave foxy, such as her ass, too much or too hard.
      1. Work with Papa Bear to make sure he knows slave foxy is enjoying things when that is the case.
      2. slave foxy will communicate any additional feelings, thoughts, desires, or emotions so that Papa Bear can adjust if needed
      3. use numbers once an experience reaches a tolerance level of 5 on a scale of 1-10.
        1. slave foxy prefers a 6-8 for achieving subspace
        2. slave foxy needs 9-10 for punishment
  3. physical behavior
    1. slave foxy always needs Papa Bear close likes holding his arm and his hand.
    2. she lays her head on him a lot. she looks him in his eyes and talks to him happily and lovingly about everything, including play with other partners, expressing gratitude*
  4. When Papa Bear says to check slave foxy's notes, she will check them and say "Okay Daddy. You're right" in the best way possible.
  5. House chores
    1. Close the drawers - any that have been opened
    2. All shoes must be placed on the shoe rack - 2 pairs are allowed on the rack in the kitchen.
    3. Sheets must be changed each week.
    4. The computer desk must be kept clean - before working, clear it off.
      1. If papers need scanning, scan and throw them away.
      2. Do not work on anything with a dirty desk at home or in the office at work.
    5. Bedtime
      1. Set out Papa Bear's pills, 5 full water bottles, and clothes
      2. If the end table is dirty, clean it.
      3. Wash all of the sippy cups and dishes each night before bed.
      4. lay out slave foxy’s clothes and shower for tomorrow
    6. When replacing the toilet paper, the roll must be replaced properly.
    7. Always leave the shower curtain open to the back wall.
    8. Clean the bathroom by the 10th of each month.
    9. Wash the towels every Saturday.

Interactions with secondaries
  1. Papa Bear likes to have a connection* with his metamours.
  2. Play days
    1. The day before scheduled visitation, slave foxy will ask Papa Bear if play is acceptable. If he says yes, then any play through the day will be discussed at bedtime. If he says no, then slave foxy will accept this response graciously as she is his slave and discuss how he is feeling
    2. Metamours will send Papa Bear a thumb’s up so Papa Bear can send a thumb’s up or down in response.
      1. in any triad situation, only 1 external member needs to send the request for play
      2. this rule is in place to ensure that Papa Bear is comfortable with the relationship. He has the ability to decline play if he is uncomfortable with the relationship or connection*. He has the ability to decline a metamour. Once a relationship has started, he will allow it to run its course as long as the metamour continues to connect through communication with him.
    3. During the evening talk, slave foxy will express gratitude* for the experience
  3. Photography
    1. Papa Bear will receive a unique picture whenever a picture is sent to his metamours
    2. After sending naked pictures, slave foxy will send a clothed picture to Papa Bear of how happy she is to send pics to everyone.
  4. Dominance
    1. Metamours must understand that they cannot dominate Papa Bear.
    2. Aggressive or dominant behavior toward any direction given by Papa Bear will not be tolerated and may cause immediate termination of the secondary relationship.
    3. Metamours may create any type of relationship with her except for a Master/slave relationship. she is and will always only be Papa Bear’s slave
      1. Negotiations on defining poly relationships should occur immediately upon deciding to engage in a relationship with Papa Bear’s approval.
        1. a contract defining parameters needs to be created before additional play is continued to avoid ambiguity
        2. any relationship contract must be approved by Papa Bear as the contract is for the use of his slave.
      2. Once secondary relationship is fully defined^, then anything that has been agreed on can happen when slave foxy is with designated secondary and overall play is approved by Papa Bear.
      3. Primary relationship will always take precedence over all secondary relationships.
        1. Primary may request that play stops for a specified period of time while working through specific situations
          1. these issues could include relationship, connections*, or others that are currently unforeseen
  5. When a relationship ends, for any reason, then slave foxy will share all pain and sadness with Papa Bear.
  1. Papa Bear controls all of slave foxy’s limits with others. Determined below are non-negotiables
    1. No sex with men without a condom
    2. No anal, blood, urine, or vomit
    3. No semen is allowed anywhere on the body. 
    4. No deep hard bruising by others without Papa Bear present.
      1. Light bruises are okay with some play.
  2. slave foxy has no limits in her relationship with Papa Bear
  1. Be able to take deep sex like slave foxy could in the past. - done
  2. Fully submit to Papa Bear.
  3. Create a checklist and go back to following it
  4. Implement and maintain this contract - done-ish

Papa Bear Definitions
  1. any flippant or rude behavior
  2. rolling eyes
  3. being a brat
  4. asking for something or whining after a “No” response has already been provided
  5. cold shoulder/ignoring behavior
  6. anger, aggression, or dominance
  7. lying and manipulation of the situation
  1. in relation to slave foxy - the favorable behaviors that slave foxy has that show love, interest, respect, deep sex, lusty nature, and willingness to give herself over all the way
  2. in relation to metamours - open communication and mutual respect
Express or Expressing Gratitude
  1. eye contact and touching are prevalent
  2. proper thank you for allowing the experience (ie. blow job)
  3. bullet points of the experience should occur. Detail is only provided when requested.
  4. When slave foxy just says “thank you for the experience” and then moves off the subject or spends too much time talking about the experience, it seems like she is seeking out something Papa Bear is not giving her.

Working Contracts for Current Secondary Relationships
I may share these or may not... but I for sure want to check with my lovies before I do as each relationship I have is so unique.

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