Saturday, April 23, 2016

Private rope date with Sire 3/31/16

Last night, i went on a date with Sire. Picking me up was a little hectic as i frantically ran around the house preparing dinner, working on my business, and downloading pics from our last party to drop box to get them out to friends. After a snafu with my business paperwork, i was frustrated as we left the house and walked out to the truck.

Sire was very excited and i did not like how the missing paperwork was messing with my headspace... i had been thinking about our time and my suspension rig room all day, so the hiccup in the business was driving me crazy... i quickly reached out to some prior clients to see if they had the paperwork i was looking for as Sire opened the door to his truck. i scooted to the middle so we could chat and he fixed the seatbelt in the middle for me.

Then, he leaned to the side and pulled out a length of crimson rope! He asked for my hands and then tied them together, with enough maneuverability for me to access my phone because of the business issue. Then we chatted as he drove to his home. On the ride, we spoke of many ideas, housekeeping items, and future possibilities. Then, one of my clients reached out and emailed me the forms i was looking for and i sent it to my new client as we reached his house, releasing my brain for the fun at hand.

i ate dinner in rope, with my hands still tied. Right when i finished, Sire notified me that he changed something about the room, so i ran (literally) to my room to find the new addition... It was a burlap and rope wrapped center piece to keep the suspension ring from sliding around when i play in my suspensions, lol... i was excited i found the change so quickly.

We slipped into our box and danced together in rope. Taking one step and then another. Practicing new harnesses and suspension positions. The trust i have in him allowed me to focus on my own body and how i feel. i don't worry about falling and the instant anything doesn't feel right, i speak and he adjusts. We practice, we dance, we learn together. i feel like i am able to drift further into my space and he is able to create the patterns that the rope unlocks for him.

After hours of ropework, we stopped to take a restroom break and i ran to the bed. i love to take care of Sire, just as he loves to take care of me. i gave him a blow job and then we had some playful and fun sex. We talked of a fantasy of being in rope and just left there all day as a toy to be used by Sire and my Daddy and others they felt would benefit from my succubus pussy... Sounded like a wonderful fantasy... i love thanking my Sire and my Daddy is always so proud of me for being a good lil rope whore.

Sire brought me home on time and when we got there, i gave Sweetheart the biggest hug ever... She did almost all of my chores while i was gone... Such a lil blessing!! We all sat outside and chatted for a bit before going into the room. Daddy and i reviewed through the whole night and then He told me what a good girl i was and gave me an ass fucking to celebrate. It was deep and intense and Daddy made me His lil cum dumpster toy...

My life is fucking awesome!!!

Playing with Daddy 3/30/16

Alien Hallucination is amazing!!!

After i smoked, my little came out to play in full force. i was being silly and giggly when Daddy mentioned that we needed to feed the chickens. i hopped up and grabbed the feed scooper. Daddy asked what i was doing, so i answered back that i was playing farm! i opened the coop to throw the feed in and a chicken charged at me. i screamed and hopped out of the way and the chicken got out. Daddy cornered the chicken behind the shed and then grabbed her and placed her back in the coop.

Then, Daddy had me get the shells that they use to process their food and get calcium in their diets. i squated over the bag and dug in to get the shells. When i looked up, i saw Daddy grinning at me... It made me all blushy and proud... Then, when i went to throw it in, Daddy reminded me to only open the door a little to make sure i didn't let anymore chickens out.

Farming is so fun!!

We went inside cuz i had to go potty and when i came out of the bathroom, Daddy was watching TV, so i watched from him in the room, watching from the bathroom doorway for a little while. Daddy called out for me and asked what i was doing... i replied back with "i dunno..." He asked if i was hiding from Him and i responded back with a no, so He told me to come here. i ran and jumped on the couch next to Him and then we cuddled...

At the end of the night, He gave me a massage and i almost got to fall asleep between his legs in my foxhole, using his cock as a binkie... Perfect day...

Play Party at Sire's 3/25/16

Preparing for guests was exciting because so many of my friends were coming to this party. There were an additional few that said they would try to make it, so i was overly excited really, lol.. Also, i had earned my new presents from the game that Sire played with me the last week. There was a set of socks and a mint dress that I had earned by completing our lil game that Sire gave to me.

Unfortunately, I let too much time pass and so the details of the evening have become lost to my mind. The main bullet points are:

Sweetheart used the camera we have instead of a phone and took pictures all night.
Waiting for work friends - that's right! Actual friends from my job that are kinky!!
Suspended - I have found that it is hard to suspend into space with so many in my room, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy it still.
Lil fox appears - after I got naked! I kept my cute ass costume on to show her as long as I could. I was so happy to see her. My heart fluttered and I had difficulty knowing what to do or say. She brought me my birthday present and it was a lovely lil yellow fox! I named her Lemon.
Blow job for Daddy - goodness, I love giving Daddy blowjobs. He was having a hard time because the camera showed pics of our recently departed child. I cuddled him and then gave him a BJ.
Lola's scenes with her Daddy and Frisky were freaking hot. Watching Lola eat Frisky while she was tied to the footboard was beyond erotic. Seeing the happiness on Lola's face when Frisky squirted was priceless. Watching the double BJ was also fun.
Blow job for Sire - after watching the other scenes, i gave Sire a great blow job while Sweetheart kissed him. It was so nice to work as a team.
Break - outside, we all relaxed and chatted about the original scenes. Twinsie was discussing how my rig room wasn't designed for beating. She was right... It is not designed for beating because it is a rig room and specifically designed for rope.
Daddy does electric with everyone - He got Frisky and Cookie and showed Lola's Master how fun it is to play with.
Cookie gets suspended - Sire worked with Cookie and suspended her in a few different ways. I felt instantly insecure and upset that her rope might be better than mine. The jealousy was a petty feeling that almost made my tummy hurt. I did not like it.
IHOP at Denny's - hahaha - inside joke with Lola!