First Book of Rules

One of the hardest things for me to find when i first started this lifestyle was a list of rules or a full contract. That being said, Papa Bear wants me to post my rules, behaviors, and punishments so i will remember them and to help others. Please know that every ttwd couple does their own thing and our way may not be your way. :-D

The Rules

  1. Close the drawers - any that have been opened by me or others.
  2. All shoes must be placed on the shoe rack - 2 pairs are allowed on the rack in the kitchen.
  3. Sheets must be changed each week.
  4. The computer desk must be kept clean - before working, clear it off. If papers need scanning, scan and throw them away. Do not work on anything with a dirty desk at home or in the office at work. 
  5. At bedtime, Papa Bear's pills and 5 full water bottles need to be set on the end table. If the end table is dirty, clean it.
  6. When replacing the toilet paper, the roll must be replaced properly.
  7. Always leave the shower curtain open to the back wall.
  8. Clean the bathroom by the 10th of each month.
  9. Wash the towels every Saturday.
  10. Wash all of the sippy cups and dishes each night before bed.
  11. Make coffee on mornings when i do not go to work.
The Behaviors
  1. My behavior is a reflection of Papa Bear. i must behave in a manner that is pleasing to Him at all times.
  2. i belong to Papa Bear. i am His little fox.
  3. i will enjoy my work and only take days off when directed by Papa Bear. If i feel sick, i must notify Papa Bear so He can decide if i need rest or need to go. i will not assume that i will stay home just because i feel unwell. My time belongs to Papa Bear.
  4. When the order to stop has been given, it will be followed immediately.
  5. When Papa Bear gives an order, i can ask one question to clarify. If the same direction is provided, it will be followed without additional questions.
  6. i will make good food choices for myself so that i will be thin and sexy for Papa Bear. Being thin and fit is important so Papa Bear can play with me easily and so i can handle what Papa Bear needs.
  7. i must be ready for sexual activities at all times. When having sex, i must choose a favorite position unless one has been chosen for me. When providing a blow job, i must choose a favorite position unless one has been chosen for me.
  8. My numbering system is used to acknowledge when i think i have had enough. Papa Bear will still choose if i can handle more after I provide a rating on a scale of 1-10. I will notify Papa Bear immediately once an activity hours a level 5 or higher.
  9. i will ask and gain permission from Papa Bear before eating anything.
The Punishments
  1. All mistakes will be discussed nightly and punishments will be administered nightly.
  2. Papa Bear will determine the punishment and foxy will take it as properly as possible. Potential punishments include but are not limited to:
  • Belt Spankings
  • Crop Spankings
  • Hand Spankings


  1. Lovely! We have similar rules in my house.

    1. Thank you!! i was so excited when He sat down with me and created this list... i love lists of things to do or not do... It helps me so much...