Sunday, March 29, 2015

The many hats i wear

So,  i found out that losing 26 pounds changes a lot about a person.  It let me out and now i shine all the time.  My heart is full of light and love and i get to share it with an amazing Master who cares so much and loves me for who i am.  i am the weird hot girl i was meant to be and yet, i am still so shy, even more so in this body i have that i am not used to.

i wish i was brave enough to wear my ears to work and not care what others said or thought.  Even right after typing it,  i thought to myself that was bull crap, lol... If i really wanted to wear my ears,  i would because everyone thinks i am a little crazy anyways. If i wore my ears or collar to work, everyone would probably just say oh that's just jennifer. That's the way she is. They would be right, because i am proud of who i am. i am a champion. i am a beautiful mom. i am a sexy woman and slave and sex toy and i have the best life ever.

That being said,  i am starting to work on merging my half lives into one big full one. i have to do so many things to make this happen. Talk to Daddy about scheduling,  stay within schedule, work full time,  start my own business on the side for now,  be a mom,  be a slave,  be myself... cannot wait until all of these people i choose to be for these situations aren't necessary anymore and I can just be me... soon... very soon!

rope... need i say more?..

i can't even begin to describe the amazing feeling i experienced at am open rope night we attended a couple of weeks ago. The experience has expanded my mind and my heart.

My life is changing and has changed so much in the last 3 months,  it makes me wanna cry.  Tears of happiness, though,  because it is working out. It is finally moving forward.  i am and He is and W/we are together.

We went to the Bizarre Bizaar and saw the suspension demo and i just want it.  Lately,  i have been giving myself what i want because i am an amazing person and deserve the best in life,  just like everyone else.  Y/you,  my lovely reader,  are perfect just as Y/you are, with Y/your kinks and Y/your boundaries,  Y/your rules and Y/your daily life.  Y/you are perfect and i love Y/you!

That next week, i found an open rope night to go to. Everyone there was really nice and introductions were made right away. The host of the party asked great questions to assess our level of comfort in the beginning, which made me feel very safe.

Then one of the beautiful girls, a blue-haired pixie,  in the group asked if she could show us a technique called the turtle. i am always up for a new experience and Papa Bear lets me be me at events, so i said sure. it was so much fun being tied up and i wish i could be tied up continuously everyday. i will get there!

W/we also did some leg torture that was very eye opening to me. i wonder what would have happened if i had set up a safeword instead of no no no no get it off, lol. i think i  could have taken more, but i think it will be a while before i try again, cuz it hurt!