Sunday, April 16, 2017


The princess is driving me insane... Looking at her now hurts my brain... You see, she started cleaning my house... And that is messing with me... The biggest way that I receive love is through acts of service and the effort she is putting into my home is welcome, but also exasperating.

Pair the clean house with her positive attitude and my heart says that I like her, in that kid with a crush type way that causes butterflies and nervousness... But then my head comes crashing in with the logic that I can't like her because of the mistakes of the past... She already had her 3 tries and that's enough.

She's been catching me glaring at her, so I told her of the insanity she is causing within me and she just laughed about it... She doesn't know what else to do with that information... I don't know how to stop the insanity... I like her, but I can't...I like her, but I can't... One of these days, one of those things will win and the insanity will stop, but for now, in trying to learn how to accept this new reality... It's hard to hate someone who cleans your house...

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