Friday, January 19, 2018

I am a princess ;-P

This morning, Daddy made a comment about how his princess was up serving him and his slave was in bed expecting service (cuz I told him I wanted him to come back for a goodbye kiss before he left) that I heard from the other room and it made me giggle... I got up and came out, teasingly harassing him about it and put on his socks... then I got up to go back to the room and he teased a lil bit more before beckoning me to sit cradled in his arms on his lap. He cuddled and teased and lightly ran his fingers in gentle circles just to the outside of my areola and it made me vibrate and moan a lil... tender breasts... edging me without release... then whispering a command so I could cum against him...

He is right!! His slave has finally become the goddess he has been calling her to be for years... and the princess is working her service muscle and learning about how to take care of a family, which is no small feat. She is doing well and will soon Master the art of flipping me off with a spoon... so much to teach, oh grasshopper... and I am feeling pampered and happy...

And what’s funny... I’m still doing dishes and setting out his clothes and getting stuff done around the house... I guess I just expect to be treated really well when I have given my all... I guess I just think that I’m at the part in the fairytale story where the last few pieces are lining up and the princess (yes... that’s right... I just called myself a princess) will finally get to live happily ever after... I am excited to be and be happy and feel as though dark clouds have been blown away... blue skies and peace for a season :)

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